British company Meylor Global is an international supplier of natural and lab grown diamonds. Our warehouse contains over 15,000 lab grown and over 130,000 natural product units of varying quality, color, shape and size (from 1 mm up to exclusive gems).

Since the foundation of Meylor Global, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier and partner on the lab grown diamond market and market of natural diamonds.

Meylor Global is exclusive distributor of 2 grand diamond-growing plants in Russia and Ukraine.

If your order is exclusive or you cannot find the appropriate diamond in the Loose Diamonds section, contact us to discuss the details for a customized order. We offer favorable terms for first-hand cooperation for both large factories and small jewelry workshops. We also guarantee long-term partnership and quality of world renown.

Today, Meylor Global also actively works on expanding its partner and customer base and invites cooperation with raw material and equipment suppliers and natural diamond buyers.




Since the foundation of Meylor Global, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier and partner on the diamond market.

Initially, the company’s products were only delivered to European countries. However, as time went on, we began delivering diamonds to the CIS and Middle East markets and opened representative offices in Ukraine and Israel.

Meylor Global has cut diamonds at the Ukrainian Izumrud jewelry complex since 2014. The plant was founded in 1969 in Kyiv, and it is one of seven plants in the CIS belonging to the Kristall system. Due to stringent technical requirements for diamond cutting and polishing in the group's plants, the term “Russian cut” appeared in the world diamond industry as a synonymous with the highest quality of diamond working.

Perfect polishing and geometry close to ideal diamond parameters are the features of such gems, as before. Today the “Russian cut” term has lost its territorial overtone, indicating the highest quality of cut, rather than the region of working.

The Izumrud plant has preserved the traditions of the “Russian cut”. Today, workers at the plant cut diamonds in mathematically adjusted proportions that provide a perfect light effect inside the 57 facets of a diamond.




Since 2014, Meylor Global has been working with one of the largest and oldest rough diamond cutting plants in Ukraine — the Izumrud Diamond Industry Complex.

It is one of the leading diamond production plants in Ukraine. The following plant’s results speak for themselves:
- Productivity — up to 10,000 carats per month;
- Specialist professionalism — 30 years' average experience of work in the industry;
- High-tech certified equipment — about 1,000 machines;
- Staff — up to 900 people;
- Production and administrative areas — over 30,000 m2;
- Effective quality assurance system;
- Diamond quality certificates from world laboratories.

Cutting diamonds is a very hard work. Basic operations have not essentially changed for several hundred years and are completed by hand. Only a skilled diamond polisher who feels the stone can maintain its highest value and produce its maximum shine.

The plant’s hallmark is the Russian cut. The plant has managed to bring together the best experts, years of experience and innovative technologies in its decades of growth and development.



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